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I've been trying to get footsteps sounds for several days. I use the player in first person on different surfaces (no terrain). Where did I make a mistake? the player includes an audio source
Thanks in advance
Unity 2022.3.15
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    Most likely the Speed Update Type setting.
    If your player is moved by the Character Controller, you'll want to use Update or Late Update here, Fixed Update is for physics driven movement (e.g. when moving via rigidbody).

    It can also be the raycast settings, which are responsible for detecting the ground and it's footsteps. Make sure they're set up to the needs of your player and use the correct layers your ground is on. While having a game object with a footstepper selected, there's a red line that shows where the raycast is, that can help to position it correctly (i.e. going far enough to reach the ground).

    Otherwise, I'd need to see your audio source component's setup, might be something on that. Or if you don't hear anything at all (not just footstepper), make sure an Audio Listener is attached to your camera.
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