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I have aspirations to develop my own comedy RPG and am wondering if ORK might be the asset for me.

My inspirations are Paper Mario (Thousand Year Door) and West of Loathing. Neither seem exceptionally complex, but I’d like to be able to heavily customize the UI so it looks totally unique. I’d also like to have ‘timed’ moments during attack animations ala Paper Mario so that the combat is a little more dynamic and engaging.

That said, I’m not planning on making it SUPER complex or anything. Just enough depth to make it fun!

Is it possible to customize the various menus etc., so that I can style them however I please?

I’ve already read another post on the forum about the timed moments during attack animations, so it looks like that part is possible.

What do you think? Is ORK ideal for something like this? Overkill?

I should mention that I have spent time with the demo, but it was like a year ago and I never got around to customizing any UI elements, or messing with timed moments.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  • In regards to ORK 3, the UI just uses UGUI prefabs and passes in information from components, so styling is completely up to you. There are various built in hooks (before/after open/close) for schematics to help provide an easy way for tying in fancy effects if desired too.

    Timed elements are indeed possible during battle animations.

    I'm biased because I'm a big fan of ORK, but since you're directly making an RPG I think ORK is a great fit since you can save time not having to implement ability, inventory, and battle systems, but instead just make tweaks and get up and running quickly.

    For what its worth, there is the free trial version available you can use that's fully featured (minus data limits, watermark and no build) for running through the 3D Playground RPG tutorial to get refreshed / familiar with ORK.
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    One of the best choices, Ork makes it very easy to prototype your ideas quickly, but is robust enough for you to greatly detail and customize those ideas later on.

    By default an attack is just calculating 2 values that you can choose. But with BattleAnimations you can go into deep detail on what 'exactly' happens when the attack begins, such as waiting for an input for X seconds, as a way to handle the MarioRPG style attack system.

    I've been using it for years, am still on Ork2, and every time I think it can't do something, I prove myself wrong like 2 hours later.

    GUI will actually be one of the more time consuming thing's you'll have to do. Setting up a template so any future projects won't have to start from scratch would be a great idea. Ork makes the process of assigning Ork elements to GUI easier, but it isn't a GUI design app.
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  • I've started working my way through the 3D RPG Quick Start and I think you're both right. It's just a matter of spending enough time wrapping my brain around the asset, but it seems robust, to put it mildly.

    I'd be designing all the UI stuff and trying to incorporate it with ORK. Might even see if I can use Rive animations with ORK...
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