I'm new to here and these Makinom & ORK framework asset is very awesome!

What I want to do is animate character's mouth during typewriter effect.

(Here is an example link video. 2D Character is speaking and moving her mouth during typewriter effect.)

So, here is my question.

(1) How can I implement this speaking animation system through Makinom/ORK?

I've already set up "Idle" and "Talking" state machine in Animator.
If I set "Talking" bool parameter to true, character's state changes from "Idle" to "Talking", that means, the character animate her mouth until bool parameter changes to false.

I could animate character's mouth by using "Play Mecanim Animation" node.

However, I couldn't find the way to animate character's mouth only during typewriter effect.

If I add "Play Mecanim Animation" node before / after "Show Dialogue" node, character's mouth is still moving even if the conversation (typewriter effect) ends.

So, how can I approach this?
Thanks in advance:)

  • You could solve this using a machine component on your UI box prefab (or the portrait used for the speaking).
    The UIBoxComponent of the UI box has the bool property IsTyping, which is true while the UI box typing is active.

    So, e.g. use a Tick Machine on your UI box prefab that checks that property and stop the animation when it's no longer true.
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    You could also tie the talking animation to sounds.

    For my game I use a blendshape animator layer of "speaking" between 0 and 100 amplitude and a simple script that detects audio on a channel and alters that animator parameter. If you have voice acting, or animalese-style speaking, and maybe even the typewriter sound if you can find out which channel it is.
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    Thanks a lot!
    I managed to solve this problem.
    You guys and Makinom/ORK Framework are amazing:)
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