I am trying to get the GUID of a combatant but I noticed that the Combatant's GUID obtained via this code:
Combatant _attacker = ORKComponentHelper.GetCombatant(attackerObject);
string _atkGUID = _attacker.GUID;
Debug.Log("Combatant GUID is " + _atkGUID);
is different from the Combatant's GUID shown in the Editor.
Am I using the wrong function?
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    You'll want to use the GUID from the settings, i.e.:

    The GUID directly on the combatant instance is the instance GUID it receives from the combatant handler that keeps track of all combatants, similar to how items in inventory or learned abilities are kept track of.
    They all have a unique in-game GUID to e.g. allow implementing client-server synchronizations to identify instances.
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  • Perfect, thank you :)
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