Following the tutorial and the way its setup, standard physical attacks are its own submenu, which is...interesting but definitely not what I want. How do you set it up so that regular physical attacks aren't in a submenu, but you just select 'Attack' and then the enemy, etc as normal?
  • Disregard this! I figured it out; I forgot to set up a Default Base Attack in my Combatant General Settings!

    I do have another question however; how do I disable the ability to activate the player's status menu in battle?
  • The battle menu itself can be set up however you like - for the base attack, the Attack type battle menu option is used. You can e.g. just add it to your battle menu to have it avaialble, or use another battle menu to work as a sub menu and have the attack there, etc.
    You can also add invidiual abilities to the 'root' battle menu, or put them in sub menus, etc.

    Opening menu screens via input keys is generally blocked when the player controls are blocked, so if your battle blocks player controls that's all that's needed.
    If you allow player control in battle, you can use menu requirements (Templates > Menu Requirements) in the Call Screen Key settings of the menu screen to define when it's allowed. E.g. you can use a game state condition checking for In Battle being inactive.
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