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Release: ORK Framework 2.0.3 included the following feature:
Updating events when saving or scanning for game variables in events can optionally only scan within a defind folder in the ‘Assets’ path.
This doesn't seem to be a used by any Steps related to Game Variables, so I am unclear on it's utility. Can someone explain this feature and why it would be useful?

Thanks in advance.
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    Scanning in a defined folder when updating events (i.e. when saving changes) or searching for new game variables (in the variables tab) is there to let you only search in a specific folder (and it's sub-folders) for event assets.

    A customer requested this, as he had a rather large project (around 40 gb) and scanning the whole project kinda froze/crashed Unity :)

    So, basically implemented for performance reasons when handling with larger projects. It's quicker to search a small folder only containing events instead of a large project with thousands of assets ...
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  • Thank you for that explanation! I misunderstood and thought it was a Step feature.

    I just tried it out in Editor:Game Variables:Event Variables. I was able to scan a subfolder of Events and get the results. Very handy.

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