Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of putting in some kind of multiplayer function for my game. Starting with just a simple death match between 2 players. I'm thinking of having a certain amount of monters spawn base on a stat by the player. I'm not a coding expert and have no idea how to do this. Is this something I can do with ORK? or does anyone know how I can start doing this?

thank you.
  • Not knowing coding makes things difficult, but you’ll maybe want to look into a unity extension for handling multiplayer input via controllers (like Rewired). And in Ork, you’d have to do something like make separate inputs for each button you intend to be used by every controller, then for each combatant acting as separate players, give them their own control map or character controller script. It’s definitely possible.

    Honestly though, I’d suggest starting with single player, and once you have that figured out, then add in the multiplayer since it’s a much more advanced concept. Ork has a really great step by step guide to making a basic RPG, with examples that include a variety of combat systems.
  • Photon is a powerful multiplayer toolkit you can find on the asset store, but you'd have to know how to hook it to Ork, which is no small task and would require programming capabilities.
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  • From my understanding ORK Framework has a single player architecture, there's no support for multiplayer games, think on how it handles the combatants and spawn them. I might be wrong though and perhaps changing a lot the source code you might be able to add multiplayer support. But as braytendo suggested I would start building the basis for a single player game and perhaps by the time you are done, ORK 3 will be out with multiplayer support out of the box since it's based on Makinom.
  • ORK is a single player framework, but you can make ORK work in multiplayer - though there's such a wide variety, that there'll never be a catch-all solution available.

    Many things can already be handled via ORK's access handler and Unity wrapper features, depending on the type of multiplayer and features used you might not even need to change anything in the gameplay source code.

    However, you'll need pretty advanced coding skills to implement something like this ...

    ORK 3 will not have any multiplayer support and still focus on single player. Makinom 2 (or even 1 in more recent Unity versions) also doesn't have multiplayer any longer, due to Unity simply having dropped their multiplayer solution without having a working replacement :)
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  • Thanks everyone, i took the week off to do marketing but now im back.
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