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Hey, I'm trying to set a control map that changes the character the player wants to control to a specific member of the party, I ended up setting up like this:


But once I change my Ork Player, the indexes change, because the chosen player becomes de 0 position of the array. Is there any way to keep the member indexes when I set a new leader/Player?
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  • You can use the Set Locked Field Leader node for that.
    However, this doesn't affect the battle group or it's leader, so that still needs to be changed ...
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    hum.. I don't think it solved my issue. I want a keyboard press 3 to always change to the third member of the party, and 2 to the second member, and only the player should be able to change party member positions.

    The player can select from a pool of characters his 3 battle group members, and while in battle every button (1,2,3) sets one of the characters as the player.

    As of right now, if I press (2) to set my Lunaris (position 2) as a player, Lunaris becomes the leader and her index is set to 1, so the next time I press a button (2) it changes to another character.


    I managed to fix it by giving a search into the forum I found someone with a similar issue and I got my logic right. Thank you!

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