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  • I can mount other game object using the mount node but it will not move the canvas for some reason, it seems as if something is blocking its movement or i am not getting the settings right. Also I have a 3d inventory system that I used on anther pro…
  • What I would like to be able to do is have the save and load menu spawn at an empty child object of the player so when it is called it is in front of the player.
  • Thanks for the help I finally found if I set the event system to none it started working. I would also like to know if I can have the ui box spawn at the location of a prefab
  • I Am using prefabs for my layers and I was able to write a script that sets sets the world camera. But there is still something blocking my interaction
  • The world camera is part of the canvas and the canvas by default will use the main camera. But for some reason a canvas spawned by orc will not. I wrote a script to set the world camera at runtime and attached to the canvas but as of yet haven't got…
  • I believe the problem is that outside the start scene the event camera is not defined
  • I am having problems with the menu ,the start menu works fine but after the game is running if I call a menu I no longer have a pointer I have been stuck on this for a few days
  • Thank You
  • I found that trigger machines work nicely to deal damage, But I am now having trouble spawning a fireball on child object the path to child object should be (Robot/Weapon/BulletSpawn) apparently I am entering it wrong but I cant see how, I would r…
  • Things Are going Fine Until wanted to do damage since this is VR I wont be using attack actions or selection of enemy I will use the weapon that I pick up in the game to attack with. I cant seem to figure out how to keep a damage dealer on so that w…
  • Thank you ,so far every thing else seems to be working
    in oculus quest 2 Comment by simmcw July 22
  • Thank you ,that got me started in the right direction.I now have a menue displaying in world view,but there is a default canvas that is also trying to render but it is not in world view. I cant seem to find where the seting is so i can change it. My…
    in oculus quest 2 Comment by simmcw July 20
  • Thanks for the advice I will keep playing with it Until I get it to working again
    in NavMesh Comment by simmcw April 2015
  • I have Changed my AI to the built in movement and that worked So I now know that its with the navmesh I have tried rebakeing and changing settings every way I could think of but nothing has worked . When I first loaded the scene This is the messag…
    in NavMesh Comment by simmcw April 2015
  • Thanks For the help looks like I was over thinking the it works fine now
  • I am working with win 8 I have since uninstalled unity and re installed the older version. I still had the same problem but I created a new scene and every thing seems to be working ok right now. So I don't know if the problem was in my scene ( I ho…
  • I found that unchecking update events will let me save updated ork info
  • Thanks I had the control listed wrong.
  • I checked for any triggers that could be in the way The only one that I had was the area trigger and it was set to ignore raycast layer so I deleted it still did not help
    in Mouse Click Comment by simmcw May 2014
  • I checked the Max Click Distance it was set to 10 so I upped that then checked the object that the event is on to be sure that the click was not over ridden and still have the same problem
    in Mouse Click Comment by simmcw May 2014

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