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  • Appreciate the advice @gamingislove that is interesting, we’ll have to look into it. And fir the concern @Aratron those can be things to bare in mind, but without going into too far into details, for our particular design for our game these variable…
    in CHAT GPT AI Comment by Jiraiya2 March 22
  • Ok that sounds good. How would i get the 2d playable area to be spread around a cup or self contained canvas on a 3d object and have the camera follow it as it transitions from 3d to 2d like it does in the videos linked here?
  • Thanks that sounds great, I’ll test it out tomorrow. And will that work with the hybrid approach that you can see from the book or on the mug in the previous video where the different dimensions can be played in the same scenes? Link between worlds …
  • I see that you’ve created a 3d QuickStart tutorial and you said the only adjustments are the things to get it working in 3d. That’s very cool! Are the schematics and stat system similar enough to superimpose upon each other and just use conditional …
  • Ok I’ll test that out tomorrow when I’m at the computer, thanks. And are there any schematics or nodes that you would suggest for the switch for the camera, player character and controller between the scenes? I would likely keep a 2d version of the …
  • That’s great news, thanks! It would be awesome if you could make it compatible with the playground. I’m planning on making a turn based game that swaps between 2d and 3d scenes :)

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