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photo skeleton_problem_zps0fa533e9.png
Looks like I am trouble

Here is my first PUBLIC pic of this game that I've been working on. Legendary Journeys (working title. Not sure if I like it, yet).

This is destined for the PC and maybe Linux. I can't do MAC; because, I don't have one to do the compile on :)

At any rate, this game is in the same play style as the Might and Magic series (in particular 6). This project orginally started as a single player Everquest with a story :). (I still may visit that idea)

Once I found ORK, I liked the idea of doing a party-based first person blobber like MM6 a little better. So, that is what I have been working on since August. You create a party of 4 and venture into the world of Brecara.

I'm still working on the story details. I have the prologue and roughly Chapter 1 worked out. So, I started working on the maps for the game. The screenshot above is from Druinport. (Those skeletons are there for testing purposes only :) )
The boat in the distance is moving along the ocean. Right now, just working on populating Druinport, Nerah's Landing, Druin Hills, and some goblin mines.
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    Looking forward to seeing your development of this. Is this turn-based? Love the ships. Three dead party members? : ) Those skeletons must be fierce. I personally favor first person because as they say, it makes the game more immersive. Are you using Legacy graphics or unity gui?

    What are the letters in the lower left hand of the screen for?
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  • Yep, this is turn based combat. Walking around is real time.
    I am using legacy graphics and using the new unity GUI.
    "Three dead party members", if you are referring to the turn order bar, those are when the skeleton's turn arises based on that round of combat.

    I like first person for the same reason.

    The letters in the lower left are quick access buttons. 'M' brings up the ORK menu (inventory, equipment, etc). The 'B' allows the party to rest when not in a city (advances time by 8 hours and restores health, mana, stamina). The 'T' (last button in there) brings up the time window showing you the current time, day, month, year and current map. The rest don't do anything right now. I will, eventually, convert those to graphics instead of letters. Those are done using the new unity GUI system.

    When I get home tonight, I'll post my character creation screen. I forgot to do that last night :)
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    photo party_create_screen_zps74796ef9.png

    The party creation screen

    (Yes, I know some of those graphics are from WoW. They are place holders for now :))
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  • Looks cool. It's always fun to see that the love for old school lives on : ). Are you aiming for a big open world or a smaller more focused experience? : )
  • I like your character generation screen. Did you do that solely with the event system or through coding or a combination of the two?
  • @Cat: The party creation was built with the new Unity GUI and code. I store the selections and stats in ORK variables and reference them in the ORK starting event. I had to create a combatant in ORK for each portrait type that is available for selection (5 male, 5 female all human) for each of the 4 characters.

    @Tuxedose: It won't be a big open world. However, I'm planning on making it big enough to satisfy that exploration itch (my favorite thing to do in RPGs). My inspiration is old Everquest (1999 2000 version) and Might and Magic series. There is a main story that takes place. But, I want the player to discover it.

    And in case you were wondering, it does not involve saving the world :)
  • After some thought and figuring out just how much art/content I am going to need in order to see my original idea through, I've decided narrow my focus on this game to a dungeon crawler instead. I love dungeon crawlers as well.

    I'm focusing on the main storyline and the dungeons which the player needs to explore as the game. I'm removing the overworld part. It was a tough decision. But, if I can never finish the game because it was too ambitious (not my first game by the way. Made many smaller ones before Unity and Ork came about though I never published them :)), then I can't see myself continuing to work on it without getting completely burnt out before it is finished. This was the first game I was going to try and publish.

    Refocusing towards the dungeon crawler, I believe I can finish this one in a reasonable amount time. Hopefully, it will still be fun in the end.
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    That's all part of the development process. :) I was getting over ambitious as well and just stopped, looked at things and decided to tighten it up. A dungeon crawler can be very exciting even without surface scenes or with minimal surface scenes. What I did with Omber is to make the surface scenes much smaller than they were.
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  • Thanks for the words of encouragement, Cat.
  • looking very good.. keep up the good work hope to see more when you got it!
    new website can be found here http://www.fore-loregames.com

    Follow the game Development on Twitter https://twitter.com/Fore_Lore_Games

    or check out the face book page here https://www.facebook.com/ForeLoreGames
  • couple of things i suggest if you have programs like fuse or even daz studio you can populate your world easy. custom textures and stuff like that can be made easy with free online resources and i can even link you some map generators for making pbr style materials for your world. i do like the over all concept an hope to see more :)
    new website can be found here http://www.fore-loregames.com

    Follow the game Development on Twitter https://twitter.com/Fore_Lore_Games

    or check out the face book page here https://www.facebook.com/ForeLoreGames
  • Been a while since I posted any updates. Here are some pics of what I've been working on. Planning on a small gameplay video (as soon as I figure out Bandicam).

    Dragonspine Mountains


    Coach Travelling

    Spell Shop

    Elemental Guild


    Druinport Front Gates
  • Screenshots look really good. I like your surface scenes and the interiors as well, especially the lighting.
  • Very nice, quite similar to what I would like to achieve. The character creation code looks interesting and I will have to give it a go once I can get past my main menue uGUI working with ORK properly. You really have progressed this and I think the decision to reign in the scope may help get it out, tough but necessary (brings back old dragon age modding memories). Looking forward to seeing the next update. Also thanks again for the code :)
  • For anyone interested, I have added my game to Steam's Greenlight Concepts page to get some feed back on the game play trailer, premise, screenshots, etc. Feel free to leave some feedback. I'll have a playable alpha demo ready soon. I need to re-work the intro since I've changed how I want the game to start off :)


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