• I didn't know they had that. I'm going to post a few first impressions here---I like the graphics--the text though is a little bit too small for me to read---like zzzz and the menus. I like the battle with the bat. Sometimes the camera gets too close to an object in the scene--maybe setting the near clipping plane to something like 0.15 and the fov to 400 would help there.

    I like it a lot and look forward to the demo. This is really exciting.
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    Suggesting a font of at least 25 for the text. : ) Also suggesting a skillbar for attacks etc. Just a suggestion only because I'm so used to it. I like this a lot.
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  • "Sometimes the camera gets too close to an object in the scene-"

    Could be a little more specific? I'll play around with the font sizes. It's something on my to-do list as sometimes I can't read stuff :)

    Thought about the whole skillbar thing, just didn't feel it worked for this style of game. At least, it didn't for me.

    Thanks for the initial feedback.
  • No need for a skill bar. The menu works very well. About the camera getting close--it was an optical illusion, Going under the bridge and going up to one door it seemed close but watching again that was an optical illusion.

    I like your game a lot.
  • Hopefully that is all it was. If you play test when I release the alpha demo, you'll have to let me know :)
  • I will. : ) Looking forward to it.
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    For anyone interested in play testing, here is the link for the alpha demo.
    Plenty of bugs, unfinished things, etc.


    Takes about 1.7 GBs install
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  • Downloading it now.
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    I don't know how much feedback you'd like. : ) The small font is killing me. Sailing to Druinport the camera or the boat sunk so I could see the ocean bottom and move along the ocean floor and then my party drowned. I couldn't get out of the depths. It was fun to see us all turn to skeletons.

    I drowned twice. Not sure how to sail the boat properly.

    As I said before I like it a lot. I like the story, the graphics, the music, the pace. I'm determined to get to Druinport so will try again tomorrow. I'm a lousy sailor. : )
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    You don't sail the boat. If you are under/in the water, your party is swimming.
    The place you start the game in(on the docks) is Druinport.
    good feedback there. I'll need to make it clear that you are in Druinport.

    The boat you see, if you click on it, will display a travel dialog. On, Mondays and Fridays game time, you can travel to an island called Nerah's Landing.

    You should be able to swim around under/above the water. Currently, there is a bug which always assumes you are underwater causing the party to drown. There isn't anything in the water right now. So, I'd stay out of the water. Again, unfinished areas and bugs in the alpha.

    Thanks for play testing!

    P.S. What are your computer specs? How is the framerate?
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    I didn't know I was in Druinport. I thought I was in the boat and had to sail there. :)

    I'm currently using my PC which only has 4gb of ram although I have the memory to upgrade to 8 and it's on the todo list. Too busy to go to Best Buy to get it installed. It is an AMD Quad Core 2.4 Ghz processor. Running Windows 10.

    The frame rate is good but I always run graphics on the "good" setting.

    If you'd like me to try graphics with the "Superior" setting I can.
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  • Thanks for the specs. Run it on what you normally run it on.

    If you are not afraid to open your computer up, installing that RAM is very easy. Use YouTube to find some How Tos. It's one of the easiest internal upgrades to do.
  • Thanks. But I'm a scaredy cat. :)
  • You can follow development on facebook (finally caved into this thing)


    I'm currently fixing some issues for the next alpha demo update. And, with that, I will move to a Steam greenlight campaign.
  • Demo update is now available. @Cat if you are still messing around with the demo, you should be able to read stuff now. I increased the font sizes :)


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