• one thing i am wanting to do once i get started on my game that i am not sure how to do is some way for the player to come across ancient writing that he can not read at first but as the player learns each letter of the ancient alphabet the letters in the dialog s would change to the correct letter as well as change in color to indicate to the player that that letter is known.
    for example the player could come across a sign that reads something like

    unyf fum ngise

    but as the player learns the alphabet that same sign would then read

    pull the lever
  • Hey,

    I was wondering if anyone has a guide on setting up 2D battles?
    Final Fantasty 5 perspective style?
  • @dannyb2100
    It doesn't differ that much from the setup shown in the game tutorials.
    You'll just use prefabs of the sprites instead of 3D prefabs, as well as don't do camera changes (at least not including rotations).
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  • @gamingislove,

    2 tutorial requests:-

    1) character creation and selection screens/scene (s); and

    2) using new data types etc to facilitate enhancements... in particular, sockettable items and socket items... as opposed to item upgrades ...
  • Actually, I'd add a 3rd:-

    3) using new UI to create a grid-like, Inventory-Pro-esque, Inventory UI...
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    here is a nice quick tutorial for your first request:

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  • @dlevel,

    Thanks - yes I've seen that and it's helpful but, when you think about it, what's pretty key to any ROLE PLAYING game - the characters - and pretty much every RPG I know (even those rubbish JPRGs) have character creation screens which don't just cover gender but class(es), race, subrace and so forth. Also character creation, as well as being key to an RPG, comes right after the start after you click 'New Game' - so I think it is a very very strong candidate for a full-on comprehensive magnum-opus How-To tutorial from GiL,,, ;)
  • Are there any tutorials out there for learning to do movement as part of an event? I'm thinking having characters walk around during dialogue. If not I'd love one! I've been having trouble wrapping my head around it.
  • @Whatexists
    Movement during events has been covered in the game tutorials (e.g. in the battle events, moving to the target). You'll use movement nodes for this.
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  • @gamingislove
    Is there anything anywhere about how to create movement nodes?
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    It's the Change Position node and the Move Into Direction node. It's pretty easy. Ex, say your player came upon a plain rock and you click on it to initiate an event. A dialogue pops up saying, "Just a plain rock, why am I staring so intently at it?" A gold rock suddenly appears out of no where near the player. Dialogue, "Ohh now that is worth my staring!". You then use the Change Position node using the object(player) and the target(gold rock). Your player will then move to the gold rock. Dialogue,"Whohoo, I will now get all da women!". He will now be rich, all thanks to you.
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  • Could you make some kind of Demo or Tutorial?
    About mecanim animation and some humanoid character?
    Maybe use a Mixamo character and animations, or Unity Chan...

    I understand how to set animations and all, but it always a trouble. Some lesson about this topic, or demo scene to look and learn, will be helpful.
  • id like to se how to add touchpad controls to ork (making nds game) for example for this plugin: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/30111 or other similar
  • is there possibilyty to edit towns like in heroes 3 or disciplines? how to make town where you can add combatants as your inventory items or skills?
  • @krup_ek With custom coding, it is. With built-in functionality, it might be hard.
    I have worked on an outsource project that used ORK as the basis for the Homm style game.

    Essentially you can use combatant group as the "inventory" for the combatants.

    It would work like this.

    Combatant = the individual "army" in heroes/disciplies sense. For example Elf Archers. You would store the quantity of the army soldiers in a status value of this combatant. This also simplifies calculating the army damage in battles.
    Combatant Group = The inventory holder that contains armies. This is anything from the world army group, to buildings that can station combatants, to city walls etc.

    Working all this via code is not that hard, the only complex bit is custom UI to control Combatant Drag and Drop and you also have to manually save all combatant groups.

    If you do want to build game like that I recommend using ORK for battle map grid, and using something like: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/terrain/terrain-grid-system-47215#releases for World Map Grid.

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