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  • Hi @Bantichai , any ETA on this : "an easy way to implement knockback abilities, or how to specify a tile a combatant should be moved to" ? Is this still in progress?
  • Yeah figured as much... but this red error : Assertion failed: Assertion failed on expression: 'ptr->GetHideFlags() == m_RequiredHideFlags' 0x000000014098D85B (Unity) StackWalker::GetCurrentCallstack is popping randomly, do you have any idea?
  • Lol... no... that was it :D I got distracted by these errors thinking they were the cause, and I forgot the most important simple stupid step. How do I fix these though? What do they mean?
  • I second @SK1 #1 request, having Makinom select multiple nodes options and copy to clipboard options would help so much. For instance I got a few game forks nodes with a dozen game vars, and I have to redo them every time I want to add them to an ex…
  • Hi GIL, I got a problem with abilities. Any new abilities I create don't show up in the game. They dont show up in the battle menu, in the shortcut HUD, or in the abilities menu, nowhere. Even if I list all abilities, or list them by ability types,…
  • Hi Gil, I have a problem with the "store formula value" node. I want a formula to increase a game variable attached to a target combatant every time it's called. So I put the "store formula value" at the end of the formula, set the variable origin…
  • Thanks GIL, for now it will be fine, I'll find a hack around this down the line :D
  • Thanks GIL, that sounds like a good idea, but if I make a custom timebar in real time system, would I have the same problem? Is real time based on frame rate also?
  • Hey @silverglade1 , can you share with us your final product? Really curious to see the games come out of this place... game dev is like a warzone and we're fellow soldiers :D
  • It's hard to explain, I'd need more ticks per seconds. Let me try : So let's say the max time bar is 250 and there's 25 ticks per seconds (the maximum). I have a combatant who is a world class athlete, his speed is 10, so it takes him 1 sec to hav…
  • Ok so how would I go about making it independant of frames? Are all timers in Unity based on frames? I took a look at fixedUpdate but it seems it just makes the update stable, but still dependant on frames. Seems like Time.deltaTime would do the tri…
  • Hi GIL, what's up. Is there a way to get around the game ticks cap in the Active Time Battle system? My combat system relies on some real time elements, so I have some constraints and need more game ticks. However, no matter how low I set the tick…
  • I agree with all of what chainsawpenguin said. I bought Ork just few months ago, but I can say GIL has the best assets by far, because of his dedication to them. If it came to it I'd be willing to pay a montly subscription for them!
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  • Man I can't believe I missed that. Thanks GIL!
  • Hi @braytendo, sorry I'm necroing this thread, but I was wondering... how do you that: "and the menu screen itself uses open and close game events" I'd like to add a game event when my inventory screen closes, but I looked everywhere and can't find…
  • Hi GIL, do you plan to keep Makinom up to date along side with ORK? What's the future of Makinom? I'm asking because I'm about to start converting my complex ORK stuff into Makinom.
  • Ok thanks, I'll continue checking Makinom.
  • Hi GIL, I started playing around with Makinom since the last update, and I discover a lot of cool new things I can do, it's a really good program I wish I had it before! Anyway one simple feature that really shined for me is selecting multiple nod…
  • Cover is really cool, reminds me of Dragon Warrior on NES. Also would love to play your demo when you're ready!